Mud, Sweat & Tears Pottery

Contemplative Pottery

contemplative lotus

From Stillness all creation arises. Embracing Impermanence we find the wisdom of the clay. For potters comfortable working with clay. A Silent Meditative Practice focused in the Present Moment.

This is NOT a pottery or meditation class.

Everything created will be released at the end of class; Nothing is kept!

No Registration Necessary – Come at your convenience, but please RSVP

Sundays – 10:00 AM – Noon

$10 suggested donation* for current members.
$20 non-members
*Donations go toward building a studio improvements fund.


In silence…

Prepare your clay

Set up your wheel

Drop into stillness

Focus inward until everyone is settled in their seat.

A bell will signal: “Begin Potting”

After an hour, two bells will signal: “End Potting”

Thank the clay and return It to stillness.

We break silence with “Dharma Sharing”

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