Mud, Sweat & Tears Pottery

Our Clay & Kilns

We utilize two Cone Art electric kilns which are fired on an almost daily basis, alternating between bisque and glaze temparutes to provide you a quick turnaround to all your pieces. We offer several stoneware, cone 6 clay bodies:
Laguna B Mix 5 – White
Its smooth, porcelain texture is a pleasure to throw and form, and it fires to a cream color in oxidation. White Stoneware Clays also have good plasticity and contain sand to increase their strength and workability, making them slightly open when fired.
This clay provides a clean canvas for a myriad of glaze colors.

Laguna #80 Chocolate
Good for throwing and sculpting . Gives reduction-like dark brown color after final firing
Standard #112 Brown
A lightly textured, plastic clay with 4% fine grog that is excellent for throwing and modeling.  The addition of granular manganese gives a speckled surface that is attractive both glazed and unglazed.  The color deepens and darkens to nearly a medium brown, with pronounced speckling as the clay approaches Cone 6.

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